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Thu, 02 Nov




Unlock the world of creativity and imagination through our dynamic art classes designed for children aged 4 to 12. From finger painting adventures to exploring the depths of oil pastels and acrylics, our curriculum grows with your child, fostering artistic skills and a lifelong love for art.

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Time & Location

02 Nov 2023, 5:00 pm – 02 Dec 2023, 5:00 pm

MONALISA KALAGRAM, Pingale Farms, End of, GWJ2+45X, S Main Rd, Iricen Railway Colony, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India

About the event

Beginner Level (Ages 4-6):

  1. Introduction to Colors: Teach primary and secondary colors. Explore mixing colors to create new ones.
  2. Finger Painting: Encourage tactile exploration through finger painting. Simple, fun projects like creating animals or abstract patterns.
  3. Basic Shapes: Introduce basic shapes (circle, square, triangle) through simple art projects like making animals using shapes.
  4. Collage Making: Cut and paste activity to enhance fine motor skills. Create collages with pictures from magazines.
  5. Storytelling Art: Combine art and storytelling. Kids draw pictures based on a simple story they create.
  6. Nature Art: Use materials from nature like leaves, sticks, and rocks to create art.

Intermediate Level (Ages 7-9):

  1. Still Life Drawing: Start with basic objects and gradually progress to more complex arrangements.
  2. Watercolor Techniques: Teach different watercolor techniques such as wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, and blending.
  3. Clay Sculpting: Introduce clay as a medium. Create simple sculptures or figures.
  4. Printmaking: Explore basic printmaking techniques using foam sheets or linoleum blocks.
  5. Perspective Drawing: Begin teaching one-point perspective to add depth to drawings.
  6. Art History: Introduce famous artists and their works. Kids can try to replicate famous paintings.

Advanced Level (Ages 10-12):

  1. Oil Pastels and Acrylics: Experiment with more advanced mediums like oil pastels and acrylic paints.
  2. Portrait Drawing: Learn the basics of portrait drawing, focusing on facial proportions.
  3. Mixed Media: Encourage creativity by combining different materials in a single artwork.
  4. Art Appreciation: Dive deeper into art history and explore different art movements.
  5. Abstract Art: Experiment with abstract art techniques and encourage self-expression.
  6. Art Critique: Teach kids how to critique their own work and provide constructive feedback to peers.
  7. Art Projects with Themes: Assign projects related to specific themes or concepts, encouraging critical thinking.



    Unleash your child's artistic potential with our Full-Time Art Explorer program, offering a vibrant and immersive art experience five days a week. This intensive curriculum provides an in-depth exploration of various art mediums, techniques, and concepts, allowing students to hone their skills and creativity. With daily classes, your child will thrive in a stimulating artistic environment and discover the boundless possibilities of self-expression through art.

    From ₹4,000.00 to ₹5,500.00
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    • ₹4,000.00
      +₹100.00 service fee
    • ₹5,500.00
      +₹137.50 service fee

    Dive into the world of art with our Part-Time Art Enthusiast program, designed for families seeking a balanced approach to creative learning. With classes scheduled three days a week, your child will have ample time to explore various art forms, develop foundational skills, and ignite their artistic passion. This option provides flexibility for busy schedules while ensuring a comprehensive art education.

    From ₹2,500.00 to ₹4,000.00
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    • ₹2,500.00
      +₹62.50 service fee
    • ₹4,000.00
      +₹100.00 service fee



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